Geology Tours in Boulder Colorado

Anywhere you hike on a Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks trail, the most apparent feature you see is the rock under your feet. Trails running east-west cross millions of years of geologic time and record many ancient environments, incuding the uplift and wearing away of the 300 million year old Ancestral Rocky Mountains, document when Colorado was submerbed under an inland sea, and record the uplift of the present Rocky Mountains about 70 million years ago. These events are easily viewed in the rocks along the trails. Three illustrated, self-paced, self-guided hikes cover three trails: Marshall Mesa in south Boulder, NCAR Trail in the center, and the Kiln Trail in north Boulder All are designed for the non-geologist and describle the geologic history and how to recognize the different environments. There is a verbal description of the locations and GPS designation.

Geology of Marshall Mesa Open Space Boulder, Colorado

The Geology Along the Trails West of NCAR

Field Guide to the Geology Along the Old Kiln Trail

Self-Guided Hike to Fourmile Canyon Creek Flood Deposits and Changes to the Landscape

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