Hayward Downtown

The best way to experience the Hayward fault is to walk a section of the fault. An excellent and very accessible place to follow the fault is through downtown Hayward. However, the features seen in Hayward are visible at sites all along the fault.  



Bend in retaining wall (1986) Two traces or branches of the Hayward fault were visible crossing
D Street in 1993 before the street was repaired and the curbs were
replaced. The right-lateral bend in the curbs and the retaining wall
locate the traces.

1997 - A fault trace runs directly under old City Hall.  This building was
abandoned because of the damage to the structure due to fault creep.

1971 - On C Street, evidence of damage due to creep can be seen in the corner
of the brick building. This whole building has been bent by creep. (Los Compadres Restaurant is no longer at this location.)

1971 - This is a close-up of the corner of the building damaged by creep.
Note evidence of frequent repair.  Several years later the damaged corner of the building
was repaired and the bricks were replaced.

The corner of the building was eventually replaced with a new brick fašade.

1991 - The walkway and curb along the side of the building between C Street and B Street (facing Main Street) are clearly bent right-laterally. .

1979 - Picture shows an alley lined by brick buildings that face B Street.
Gutter along the alley is clearly offset right laterally. 

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