To the north in Oakland, the Warren Freeway lies in a so called "rift" valley formed by the Hayward fault. A rift valley forms where the rocks have been ground up by the fault movement and stream erosion has carried away the fault shattered rock, creating a valley.

View along Warren Freeway in Oakland

1992 - The Hayward fault crosses through the shopping area in the
Montclair district of Oakland located on the east side of the "rift" valley.

1992 - Fault creep is observed bending the curbs
along the streets in the Montclair district.


Continuing to the north, this aerial view looks from Oakland to the City of Berkeley. Lake Temescal, in the lower central part of the picture, lies at the northern end of the Hayward “rift” valley. The lake was formed
in 1866 by the damming of Temescal Creek. The Hayward fault runs along the right (east) side of the lake.

Lake Temescal and the power substation.

Find the Claremont Hotel, the big white building in the lower right part of the photograph, and the University of California, Berkeley Stadium in the middle of the photograph.  These are landmarks for locating the Hayward fault. The fault runs to the right side (east) of the Claremont Hotel and cuts across the stadium. Note the concentration of population in this portion of the East Bay region.

Claremont Hotel and Berkeley Stadium mark the line of the fault along the East Bay.

The Hayward fault runs under Berkeley Stadium and poses
a severe hazard if a damaging earthquake occurs during a
football game when tens of thousands of people are in the stands.

The Hayward fault runs from goal post to goal post across the stadium.

Fault creep is slowly deforming the Berkeley Stadium. These
people are looking at the offset illustrated in the next picture. 

Note the piece of metal connecting the two sides.
Fracturing of the exterior walls results from a
third of a meter or about 13 inches of
fault movement that has deformed the structure
since it was built in 1923.


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