Some of the most dramatic examples of fault creep are found in a residential area north of downtown Hayward.

Photographs taken over thirty years show the offset of the curb at Rose and Prospect Streets.

1971 - Note the position of the curbs and contact between the curb and sidewalk.

1974 - Note the red paint overspray.

In 1979, there was about two centimeters or nearly an inch of creep movement that has offset the curb.

1985 - The two curbs are barely in contact and new material is filling the gap with the sidewalk.

1987 - The curbs are adjacent to one another.

1992 - There is a small gap between the curbs and fresh paint.
Concrete fills in between the curb and sidewalk.


2002 - The gap between the curbs has widened.

1974 - A series of tears in the asphalt (en echelon shears) form where the Hayward fault crosses Rose Street at Prospect. Note each shear is to the left of the last one. These are said to be left-stepping.

1974 - The curbs on Sunset and Simon Streets (south of Rose Street)
also show dramatic bends and offsets locating the trace of the
Hayward fault. Note bend in curb near the back tire of the car on
Simon Street.

1991 - At Hotel Street there are spectacular left-stepping, en echelon shears crossing the street.

1984 - The fault crosses under the corner of this house on Hotel Street, bending the wall and
warping the door-frame.

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